Failures in electrophysiology – the redo symposium

Working group on cardiac arrhythmias and pacing of Croatian Cardiac Society organizes workshop on failures in electrophysiology, September 08-09th 2017, Zadar, Croatia.

The focus is on redo ablation cases where application of new technology or simply different maneuvers resulted in success.

Centers are invited to participate with their cases on the concept that fellow would present the case and his mentor would justify their moves if questioned upon. Each session will be introduced and concluded with a word from a teacher.

2 years ago, this format was found interesting and useful for defining some intraprocedural steps during the ablation procedure that have to be followed.

Join us in Zadar, share your failures with colleagues from the region and learn how to minimize them in future!

Make the redo symposium a  success!

Organizing committee:

Šime Manola, president of Working Group, University clinical center “Sisters of Mercy” Zagreb

Ante Anić, EP Lab, General Hospital Zadar

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